"Don't just make a change, make a transformation. " -  Si Clarke

"I prefer not to have the requisite pigeon-hole to label my work; for me creativity has no boundaries. By an oxymoronic method of simple complexity I manipulate the craft of adventitious obliques under a kaizen philosophy to create a synthesis that does not just create design, but more so a transformation. This is Custranz."

- Si Clarke

Founded by Si Clarke, in 2009. Custranz is based in Herefordshire, England. Custranz is renowned for the custom transformers, and accessories that make the stock of our brand. Its not all just robots, Custranz also is an independent design studio that can be provide a wide variety of design work, such as Graphical art, Graphic and Media design, 3D prints and 3D design. We also love to get creative in our studio and sell our work on Ebay, Redbubble, Shapeways and the Shop on this website.


We strive ourselves on providing something unique that stands out of the crowd. For example; each of our custom Transformers are detailed with a variety of specialized paints, we use metallics, translucent and metal cotes, they also have their own custom designed high quality stickers. They are finished with handmade origami packaging, and filled with art cards, bio cards and what ever else we can bring to give more to meet the eyes.


Our roots stem from creating these custom Generation One 1 Transformer cassettes, and in what spare time we get we like to indulge in that. Please note these are collectors items and are better on display than for rough play.


 Since graduating from Hereford College of Arts with a Graphic & Media Design Degree in 2015, we have expanded the Custranz brand you know and love, we hope you enjoy the wider variety of choice of products we have created for you. Please feel free to email us with your thoughts.


  "Creativity has no boundaries."


Si Clarke BA (Hons)

Designer, Artist, Writer, Maker.

The boy that makes the tea.


Born in the age of the dinosaur, Si loves nothing more than to dedicate his life to Transformer Cassettes. Even though most Millennials don't even know what a cassette is, or the joy of rewinding a tape with a pencil.

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