Branding & Identity

"Life is more than just a logo for any company. In this digital age of start-up's and social sharing, new companies are emerging all the time. And with such a media based market vying for attention you need a comprehensive strategy to stand out. You need more than just a footprint in the sand logo .


You need a full-on swagger when you walk, and a heavy boot to imprint your mark on the earth. You need an Identity; a visual persona of style that will guide your visitors towards your brand with confidence while authenticating your uniqueness and designed to survive the myriad of indentikit  companies."

- Si Clarke.


Identity comes in all shapes and sizes; a new business, a support group, a new product or even just a 'like' page on Facebook. Regardless, your branding should reflect exactly what you do, who you are and what they can expect from you. These attributes are communicated in a variety of ways:

Logo: The colour, shape, style, look and feel of what you want to represent. The basic building block for an identity.


Business card: The calling card you leave behind. Make an impression on potential clients that will bring them back. Add on Flyers, posters and other printed media to promote your services.

Icon:  A simplified version of your logo designed to fit in confined spaces. Ideal for social media applications.

Website: A great place to build your brand, from single page to multi page. Add on animation, scroll effects and interactivity designed to make your visitors stay.


Packaging Design: Giving your product an identity all of it's own. Stand out on the shelf with some great graphics or even a custom designed container.


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